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Our Global Community: Bridging Distances

For our international student attendees, we understand that many aspire to join us in Kuching to showcase their valuable works and publish abstracts in the Conference, but face challenges attending physically due to the financial burden of travel expenses. That's why we've established a Financial Assistance Program designed to bridge the gap and make your participation in 1st JoPPP-BIPC 2024 a reality.


We have established a special arrangement for individuals meeting the following five (5) criteria:

  1. International students:  Individuals must be international students.

  2. Presentation Intent:  Students should intend to present their valuable works at the 1st JOPPP-BIPC 2024 and publish their abstracts in the Conference Supplement.

  3. Country of Origin:  The country of origin must be listed as one of the eligible countries. (For those whose country of origin is not listed, and whose income cannot cover travel expenses, a special request can be submitted to

  4. Abstract Acceptance:  Individuals should have received pre-acceptance for the submitted abstract.

  5. Conference Registration:  Registration fee payment as an international student is required (Early bird rate: USD 150 before June 30, 2024).

Those meeting the above criteria are entitled to:

  1. e-Poster Presentation:  Present their valuable works at the Conference as an e-Poster and become eligible for the "Best e-Poster Award."

  2. Abstract Publication:  Publish the abstract in the Conference Supplement.

  3. Access to Presentations:  Receive a link via email to access all speakers’ presentations and conference materials within 10 working days AFTER the Conference. (Please note that live streaming is not provided due to venue regulations.)

  4. Certificate of Presentation:  Receive a certificate of presentation if the abstract and e-Poster are submitted before the specified due date by the organizer.

  5. Certificate of Participation:  Receive a certificate of participation along with the link to access the Conference speakers’ presentations and materials.

Your participation in the 1st JOPPP-BIPC 2024 is significant to us, and we are committed to supporting you as you engage in this international experience in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.

For any further inquiries, please feel free to contact us at

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