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Discover the essence of Sarawak before the conference kicks off!


Choose between the immersive charm of Sarawak Cultural Village or the heartwarming encounters with Orang Utans at Semenggoh Wildlife Center.


Join us for a pre-conference adventure that promises a touch of culture and a splash of nature. Which experience will you pick to add a unique spark to your conference journey?  Let the exploration begin!


Tropical Leaves


The Sarawak Cultural Village is an award-winning living museum that celebrates the diverse cultures of Sarawak.  It's just a 35-minute drive from Kuching and is a great place to visit.  The museum consists of seven traditional buildings that are spread across a beautiful 17-acre site.

These buildings are home to people from different ethnic groups in Sarawak, who demonstrate their daily activities such as carving, weaving, and farming.  Visitors can also learn and participate in various activities such as playing traditional musical instruments, crafting, and even blowpipe shooting.  The tour ends with a colorful multi-ethnic performance in the village's mini-theatre.

Banana Leaves


Semenggoh offers a unique and incredible opportunity to witness the beauty of nature.  The center is the perfect place to observe semi-wild orangutans who have been rescued from captivity and trained to survive in the forest reserve.  Visitors can witness these rehabilitated animals roaming freely in the lush rainforest and even witness the heartwarming sight of an orangutan mother with her young baby.

The successful breeding program at Semenggoh ensures that visitors have a high possibility of experiencing this unforgettable moment.  Along the way to the center, visitors can enjoy the ethnobotanical gardens, which boast a unique collection of rainforest plants.

it's important to keep in mind that orangutans in Semenggoh are semi-wild animals and sightings cannot be guaranteed.

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  2. The pre-conference tour is subject to availability, and the organizers reserve the right to modify or cancel the tour at their discretion.

  3. Any additional costs incurred during the tour are the participant's responsibility.

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  3. Participation in the pre-conference tour is at the participant's own risk, and the organizers are not liable for any discomfort, inconvenience, or dissatisfaction experienced during the tour.

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