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Welcome to Sarawak Health Pharmacy Allied Association (SHPAA)!

At SHPAA, our vision extends beyond professional titles; it centers on fostering a connected community of government pharmacists and pharmacy assistants in Sarawak. This journey is a testament to the extraordinary things that can happen when individuals come together, fueled by a collective desire to enhance healthcare services across our state.

We all work together like a well-tuned orchestra, using our unique skills. We provide helpful tools, great learning opportunities, and special benefits to help you grow in your personal and professional life.

There are so many opportunities with SHPAA. You can connect with people who share your interests, join interesting events, learn a bunch, and help make healthcare in Sarawak better.

We're thankful for your support as we move forward together. We're focused on unity, growth, and empowerment. Together, we'll make history by building strong connections and making a difference in people's lives.

Lim Su Ee


President 2023-2024

Sarawak Health Pharmacy Allied Association

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